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 Java Applets

A few words about free Java applets. Most of them are programmed by "week-end" programmers without any other goal than earning a few bucks. Sorry to say that these guys have no understanding for interactivity, speed and modularity which are quite essential when designing a new site. Applets are sometimes impressive or glamerous as long as they represent the art of applets, but take too much time in loading. There are no support and if anything goes wrong, you are quite helpless (remember Murphy ?). Avoid applets for other solutions. Don't be paralyzed by some flashing animation or pictures.

You will find two applets on these sites -
QuickServ2.5 is a commercial java preloader working in the background. The applet is embedded into the Web page, so the pages/scripts/graphics are preloaded transparently.
As I mentioned above, this is a pro applet loading whatever you find necessary to be used in your successive sites.
Have vacuumed the market and this product turned up. Have used it for some time, and it's really effective. You may download a demoversion limited to 5 items, or purcase it directly from Heathco - se the Download site.

Eigelb is a world of art in java applets. You have to see it. If you like what you see, you may order a dedicated applet used for your web-address only. The price is fair and the service excellent.
An example is embedded above this page. Use the left button to start drawing - the right button to erase and start over again. Have a pleasant time.


If you're looking for specialities, you've come to the right place.
Take your time, enjoy your stay -

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