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Make your personal bannertouch !
Use the white area above. Click left button to start drawing. To erase click the right button. Satisfied; copy your drawing to clipboard by pressing ctrl+PrintScreen .

Assists - Tips og tricks for web-developers in spe as well as trained.

Do you wonder how to shadow your text, how stylesheets works or what you can do with javascripts. Read more and pick up some undocumented tricks how to take advantage of stylesheets; shadowing etc. What do you know about DHTML ? See the most complex tag. Examples documented with source-code - cut 'n paste.

Scott Cup

For the few of you that are interested in bicycling and MTB; Scott Cup is the largest recruit establishment in Norway. During the season more than 3000 young riders are gathered to compete in 8 different races.
Comitato promotes Scott Cup in effort to bring you the latest news or standings from the races within 24 hours or as fast as we get the lists. Read more (in Norwegian)...

eJanus 

eJanus project is moving on putting the colspan params in system. Read more about complexity where other have waved the white flag. The impact in "standardized" tablehandling wipes off pro html-editors. See the extreme use in tablehandling - ...the establishment

Comitato 

All old sites are converted to new design. Note that the sites are closing down mid April.
Do bookmark the new sites by clicking the bottom bookmark-tag.

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