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... eJanus News

To illustrate what we are talking about (see last cut), we will give you an example of light complexity -


So far we havn't seen any editor presenting tables included with perfect html-code of this standard. This is a 1 minute job, that's all. And it takes another minute to put on some effects. If you are close to any other product, please tell us.

Some agitate that tables are dead. Sure, even using pro html-editors like Homesite+, Dramweaver, Frontpage and ..., you soon realize that table-handling is not the strongest part. The result is that you avoid tables and try to go for other solutions. In many cases you have to redesign the entire layout due to the fear of not having control.
With eJanus table-handling is a joy. The flexibility and modularity allow you to design tables according to your own fantasy - no more, no less.

Colspan is a vital parameter in table-design. Our goal is that this param maintains correct values every time you perform any changes to the table. That why we are serious in testing - in efforts to assure you that eJanus makes even complex design easy. 

After being defocused on specific tasks we are back on track. Sometimes you are just blind or banging the heads against the wall feeling that problems can't be solved within these frames.
Anyway we had to orbit a little before acceptable solutions turned up.
Some delicate matters concerning reconfiguration of tables after joining and splitting V & H cells. It's realy a pain in the ass when you are going to keep up with the speed.

For the time being we will leave everything around NS and Opera. A marketshare less than 4% is realy a vaste spending time and money to make a cross-browser application.

- Table colspan : testing
- Leveling : testing
- Int. OS : testing on diff. languages

- Vertical alignment solved
- Cell properties solved

New forum is implemented preparing for FAQs and Qs; working fine.
A few more minor faults have dropped by after heavy testing.
Had to find another host after severe technical problems. Waist a week to reorganize all libs and progs. Have to go over everything to see that the system is working. Have patience.

Some of the heavy toggle-functions are at last implemented. Still some further testing to go before a commercial demo-site will be released. Could be a nice Christmas gift to web newbis.

Still unsolved items are
- Int. OS
- Vertical alignment
- Cell properties
- Item leveling

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