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... the Story

eJanus TM

SW-experts said it couldn?t be done !

eJanus is combining the best of text editing, table handling and multimedia to present a webdesign no other tools have solved.

What you see on these sites are entirely designed with eJanus.

eJanus environment

Working with eJanus you will soon realize the impact whenever you have eJanus installed on your local PC or a network PC.

Our commercial demo-site has been visited by thousands through the period of development ? testing and playing. Though the load eJanus behaved like a local installed software - no increase in access time or processing time.
Unfortunate we have been alerted to limit the traffic due to other customers residing the same physical server.

The first edition of eJanus is basically released for MS browsers. However Netscape and Opera editions are soon to come. Nevertheless you are invited to visit our demosite to evaluate eJanus, send us a mail. I don?t think we have to brag or defend ourselves.

What is eJanus ?

The name is taken from Roman mythology, the god with two faces looking into the future as well as the past.
We think that this tool has the same symbolism ? maintaining familiar funtionality similar to traditional office tools in one way, and looking ahead to the internet to give the user an extreme powerful html-code which is not available through any other software package in the market - on the other.

eJanus history

Looking into the market last years searching for a tool that lived up to our expectations in designing web-sites, we were disappoined.

Having more than 50 years of IT experience from interactive system development, design and maintenance we started to dig into the concept.
First we framed the tool to carry out text editing, table handling and multimedia in the way that a novice as well as an expert could generate sofistic code for his/her own site. On the other hand we had no intensions to create a new web-editor; the product should be the missing link between two worlds.

Influenced by MS platforms our goal was that the MMI design should be familiar with different MS OS platforms. If we have succeeded you will tell.
Next we would like to have a product where the user didn?t have to tap his fingers waiting for something to happen when working on-line or toward the www.

Making such a system forced the eJanus team to think in modules. On the other hand modules should not reside memory when not needed, but still be available.
Adding new features should be part of trivial maintenance that makes eJanus # 1. Having knowledge about basic functionality from Office products we started development. The result is one year hard work, and we think we have succeeded in a way that we are using eJanus daily in our work. And we experience that it saves us for hours of coding and testing, if we at all managed to solve the problems.

Kia Ora