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... eJanus functionality
... eJanus functionality
eJanus idea
eJanus idea

eJanus-team has the pleasure after months of hard work, to introduce eJanus - a complete software programme for web-design. The strength is the conversion of text and tables into HTML.

Traditional HTML-editors are more focused on syntax and the code itself, instead of design. eJanus is breaking all traditional thinking as when you mark a tiny dot, eJanus looks upon it as an object.
  By doing that eJanus is the first object-oriented tool giving the user what he/she wants -
- If you want to position a picture across a table or underneath text, you can have it.
- If you want to color your cells and tables differently, you can have it.
- If you want to have a site looking like your word-document, you can have it.

Whatever you want, you should have it as long as there are html-solutions.
...and to prove that, this site and pane is entirely developed with eJanus.

That's our philosophy !


eJanus is probably the most advanced and complex "tag" ever developed. Installed and running from any host or server in your browser, as a "common" html-tag, you will experience that power and speed are main ingrediences. The only uncontrolled factor is the cyber-highway itself.

This First Edition  is released for MS platforms running ColdFusion. However tests are going on to implement the "tag" on other platforms and servers ultimo 2003.


Launching eJanus in your browser you will see that all  command-buttons  on top rows are similar to others in Office applications, though some are new.
Every function has a snap-description when cursor is moving over.
The blank pane tells you that you are in edit mode (WYSIWYG-mode) - You are ready to type whatever you want.

- modes
- modes

In the following all functions are described, just move the pointer over the links to see the images.


Mode functions  - left to right

Show details
Visible borders
Preview in browser





Default pane, for visual editing
Code pane, for html editing
View tag details
View table border
Shows your work in your favorite browser

- styles
- styles

Fonts and sizes are predefined through the style concept. When setting up eJanus you may configure whatever you like the different tags to represent.
The style concept has three drop down windows where you can select style, font and size.


Style functions  - left to right

Style fonts
Safe Font faces
Safe Font sizes




Default Normal - configured by user. Selection from drop down menu

Font faces selected from drop down menu

Font size selected from drop down menu

- text editing
- text editing

Text editing is just as simple as any office-program. Text/character attributes are controlled by the following functions -

Edit functions - left to right

Align left
Align center
Align right
Decrease indent
Increase indent
Bullet marks
List numbers
Set Bold
Set Italic
Set Underline
Set Superscript
Set Superscript
Set Subscript
Set Strikethrough
Set Normal style
Set font
Set Foregroundcolor
Set Backgroundcolor





Text is left justified
Text is centered
Text is right justified
Block justified
Reset marked text to normal style

- table design
- table design

Instead of naming this section "Tablehandling" we call it Tabledesign. In fact that is what you're going to do. After a few minutes of practice you will design tables most people only dream of - is it really possible !

Table functions - left to right

Quick Table
Table property
Insert row

Insert column

Insert cell
Delete row
Delete column
Delete cell
Merge cells
Split cell
Cell property




Create default window - invoking table mask
Create/edit table - invoking subwindow
Insert row acc. to current cursor position
Insert column acc. to current cursor position
Insert cell
Delete current row
Delete current column
Delete current cell
Merge marked cells
Split current cell
Edit cell - invoking subwindow

- layers
- layers

Layers can be expressed in different ways. Following the plain HTML syntax this is a piece of cake. Easy to correct afterwards if you go into the code.

Layer functions - left to right

Absolute position
Lock position
Move to front
Move to back
Move forward
Move backward
Above text
Below text





Marked objects are given X,Y coords.
Marked object are locked in position
Move object to front
Move object to bottom
Move stepwise forward
Move stepwise backward
Move object above text
Move object below text

- special characters
- special characters

Once in a while you need access to characters and tags not included on the keyboard. Experienced from HTML coding we have included the most common characters as visual function keys. The rest are included in a drop down menu (coming soon).

Char functions - left to right

Carriage return (CR)
Line break (LS)
Trade Mark





Starting on a new line (used in WYSIWYG-mode)
Line break (used in WYSIWYG-mode)
Used for hardcoding space
Trade Mark
"Sign for drop-down menu"

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