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How to master a roller

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How to master a bicycle roller
How to master a bicycle roller

Learning to ride the roller is not so complicated as it looks. Study the the pics and notice how I place the roller - ab. 8" from the wall.
When you mount the bike correctly and start cycling you will always find help in your right/left elbow to obtain balance.

In the beginning set the gears to 32x18 or 32x21, just for less resistance. It's important that you achieve smooth cadence and get a feeling of control.
You can always go for heavier gears later. Used about a week before I got the good feeling and could use the roller correctly.

To obtain better comfort during training install an electric fan. You may also have a fan as an add-on to the roller. Feeling the breeze and coolness do adjust the HR, the water consumption and the overall performance.

This is the second year I use the PolyMyte. Had to change tyres - mounted Michelin 1.25 slick tyres pumped with 70 psi. To my surprise they increased resistance.

Experienced that Kreitler Rollers Inc. kept their promises - The Bitterness Of Poor Quality Remains Long After The Sweetness Of Low Price Is Forgotten!

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